Note: This pricing is shown to provide you an estimate based on the time needed to perform the service on a typical pup and is used to set the price for your first groom.  Once we're familiar with your pup, your fee may be adjusted higher or lower depending on various factors including:

  • Breed styling complexity
  • Condition & type of coat
  • Temperment
  • Time since the previous grooming
  • Level of matting
 Grooming Packages:







 Basic Pampering:1 $25 $35 $45
 Full Pampering:2 $45 $55 $70

 1Basic Pampering includes a Bath, brush-out, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

 2Full Pampering includes the basic services plus a full haircut, (clippered and/or scissored)

 A-La-Carte Services: Cost:
 Nail Trim/Grind: $10/$15
 De-Shedding: $15
 De-Matting: Quote
 Carding & Hand Stripping:  Quote